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Employee Assistance Programme

We believe that effective organisations are based on successful working relationships. We have available a team of professionals who can provide Counselling, Training or Consultancy for Organisations. The courses and services below can be tailored to meet specific organisational needs.

Employee Assistance Programmes

We offer a program of Individual Counselling for your employees if they hit difficult periods in the working or personal life. This can help your company avoid prolonged absences, and greatly enhances the relationship between the employee and the employer. This can be particularly useful if the employee has suffered a difficult incident at work, such as assault, abuse or workplace-bullying etc.

Team Building - Good Teamwork is the backbone of all business, without it profitability and efficiency decrease. We can offer effective and economical solutions to improve communication and relationships between teams and team members.

Stress Management Training

Stress is the highest cause of absenteeism and sickness amongst staff and can destroy morale and motivation. We can train your staff in effective techniques to reduce stress, combat its effects and work more effectively.

Critical Incident Debriefing



Psychotherapy offer a critical incident debriefing program for individuals and organisations who are involved in traumatic events such as accidents, violent incidents or disasters.


Courses use a variety of techniques - group-work, role-play and individual work - and are designed to give participants practical skills to take back to the workplace.

We can help with:

  • High staff turnover

  • Absenteeism

  • Poor teamwork

  • Relationship problems

  • Drink or drugs problem

  • Low productivity

  • Low motivation

  • Family worries

We provide a range of counselling, training and drama services to individuals, groups and organisations working with a network of qualified, temporary support staff on an associate and contracted basis with Scottish Power, AXA, Bupa, and CareFirst to provide stress and occupational health psychotherapy services.

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